Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mini Crisis - brief

Try to imagine a tiny crisis critical moment:
Analyse all the circumstances surrounding the event. Try to foresee the different solutions and the different outcomes that will manifest from it. As in every critical situations you will end up having two main alternatives one which works towards maintaining things the way thy were and another which will imply a change in the status quo.

Choose and explore the one that in your eyes would introduce the most extreme form of change.
The situation would have to be resolved through a design object, or the resolution of the problem would have to generate such an object.

In your response take into the consideration the human reactions to crisis: FEAR, ANGER, GUILT, SHOCK, DISBELIEF, DENIAL, ACCEPTANCE and make them a guiding principle of your thinking.

Present your design and a ten image slide-show that tells the story of your crisis and its resolution.

Mini Crisis - Sudden and unexpected change of position

Sudden changing of position resolutions

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