Monday, 24 November 2008

November Objects

Critical situations forces us to try to do with what we have more than we did before .
Crisis can do us good - it is the motor of development. We live in constantly changing world - in constant crisis.

Design by Maciek Wojcicki
The cups work by avoiding obstacles. Their function can be clearly seen on the busy surface of a desk where they prevent spilage.

Design by Maciek Wojcicki
In both , the shelf piece and the table leg a motivation, which is a set of reasons to perform a task, is translated into the way of connecting elements of construction to keep their shape. It is forced by straps to perform a function. With time though the performance of straps changes.
Publicized in Wallpaper magazine online gallery:

Design by Maciek Wojcicki

Design by Maciek Wojcicki
The under-hanged books may be an interesting way o display in a shop or gallery. The use of designed polypropylene holders prevents damages and keeps books in the right place.

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